Designing Glass Balustrades That Are Easy to Clean: Five Ideas to Consider

Glass balustrades lend an air of class and elegance to your hotel or business, but unfortunately, they can be hard to clean. You can devote hours to having professional glass cleaners or employees shine your glass balustrades, or you can make the process easier by investing in balustrades that are easier to clean or modifying your existing balustrades.

Check out these five ideas:

1. Acid Etched Logos and Designs

Completely clear glass balustrades can be challenging to clean, as their glass may be prone to unsightly streaks or watermarks. You can sidestep that challenge by ordering glass panels that have been etched with your logo.

That is great for branding, but if you decide against using your logo, you can choose a range of other designs including flowers, vines or geometric shapes. If you are working with a file of the image you want etched, keep in mind it needs to be black and white -- grays don't transfer to the etching process in most cases.

2. Frosted or Cloudy Glass

Don't like the idea of designs? Then, consider ordering glass balustrades with frosted or cloudy glass. Unlike clear glass, opaque glass is less prone to streaks or smudges. Even if you clean the glass and those elements appear, the frost will hide them and prevent them from being noticeable.

3. Stained Glass

If you want something more novel than frosted or cloudy glass, play with the idea of stained glass. With stained glass balustrades, you can get the colours, designs, patterns or images you want, and when it's time to clean, you don't have to worry about noticeable streaks either.

4. Textured Glass

Whether you opt for colour or frost, consider also playing with texture. Textured glass features lots of little bubbles. When this glass gets soiled, you can wash it with grease-removing cleaner, or you can simply brush off dirt and debris between the raised bubbles of the glass. You don't have to worry about shining it with glass cleaner and a squeegee.

5. Glaze

You can add a clear or frosted glaze to many glass balustrades, and if you already have your balustrade installed, you can even consider adding a glaze to it now. A glaze is a permanent treatment that stops contaminants such as salt, grease or water from building up on your glass -- the glaze naturally repels these elements. As a result, your glass becomes easier to clean simply because it doesn't get that dirty.