3 Fencing Options to Upgrade Your Home and Property Security

When you purchased your home and property, you may not have had fencing at all or on the portions of your property that you felt it was needed. With this in mind, you may have plans for upgrading your fencing, but you may be still unsure what options will give you more security. Here are a few of the fencing options that a fencing contractor can install on your property to give you more security.

Automated Gates

You may consider having automated gates installed on the main entrances to your property. These gates usually operate on some form of entry code system. Your fencing contractor can install a code system, like a key code or card swipe, that will ensure no unauthorised person or party can enter your property. If you own a large property that has two or more entry points then you may want to consider automated gates at each entrance with different entry methods depending on the type of security you need or want. 

Alarm Fencing

If you don't want to have automated gates, but you still want to keep out potential threats, then an alarm fencing option may be ideal. This type of fencing can be installed by your fencing contractor and set-up for your alarm technician to come in and attach the actual alarm and alert system. When someone tries to breach your fencing, you will be notified with an alarm of your choice. In addition to your alarm notification, local authorities will also be alerted so a response team can be dispatched to your location. Remember, you can have silent alarms put on the fencing so you and response teams are alerted, but the intruder is not.

Zapper Fencing

You may be in a rural area where burglars are not the threat, but animals are. If this is the case, a zapper fencing option may be the ideal choice for your security. These fencing options come in a variety of styles and security methods, but they work on the same premise. If an animal tries to breach the security fencing, the fencing will deliver a small shock to the intruding animal. This will not kill the animal, but it will alert them to move away from the fencing before they become injured. 

These are just a few of the options for security that your fencing contractor can install. If you have specific needs, contact your fencing contractor for more options and pricing.