Tips for Choosing the Material and Style of Fence for Your Property

Before you have a new fence installed around your property, you want to ensure you take the time to choose the right fencing material and the right style. After all, you want your fence to work for you for decades to come, and you shouldn't need to replace it in a few years simply because you choose the wrong materials or don't like the overall look. Note a few tips for choosing the material and style of fence for your property.

1. For maintaining your views

If you only want to mark off your property border without blocking the view, a white picket fence that is only knee-height can be good. This provides a boundary for your yard but doesn't get in the way of the view. If you want something higher, you might opt for a metal fence with spikes; this will provide security from anyone simply stepping over a smaller fence but won't make your yard seem closed in and claustrophobic. Note however that wood may chip and rot very quickly, so you might want to choose a vinyl fence that looks like wood. Aluminum may also rust, so choose iron for a metal fence and be sure it's coated with a rust-resistant finish; it may be more costly but it can be worth the investment.

2. For maximum privacy

If you want a fence that offers maximum privacy, a wood, metal, or stone fence can be the right choice. These can be made of solid pieces that don't offer any type of view onto your property. Metal fences have the added bonus of offering a design that can be stamped into their face, so your property can look uniquely your own. A stone fence is also very regal looking and can add a traditional appearance to your property. However, since stone is very heavy and also very costly, you might consider opting for concrete or cement that is shaped and formed to look like stone. Concrete can be formed around a wire frame so that it's lighter than real stone, and it can be dyed any shade so it's virtually identical to stone.

3. For tight budgets

Chain link fences are very affordable; the chain link is typically sold in rolls and it simply attaches to posts, so it's also a fast installation job. It can be prone to rust like any other metal, so consider a plastic coating over the chain link. Recycled or salvaged pieces can also be used for wood or metal fences, and these may be more affordable than new materials.