How to Add Privacy and Style to Your Home's Fence

For many homeowners, installing a new a fence often means having to choose between privacy and style, as solid wood fences can seem a bit drab and downright imposing, whereas other types of fences may look good but do little to add privacy to the space. There are some ways of adding both privacy and style to your home's fence, no matter the material and design you choose. Note a few tips to discuss with your fencing contractor when you want some privacy with some style as well.

1. Get creative with wood fencing

Standard wood fencing often means a light color of oak with vertical slats. This can make your wood fence seem somewhat drab and rustic. A good way to add style is to get creative with the wood; choose a darker color such as cherry or mahogany rather than simple honey-colored oak. If cherry wood or mahogany materials themselves are too expensive, you might be able to paint or stain a cheaper oak for the same look.

Another way to get creative with wood fencing is to install the slats horizontally rather than vertically. Slats that are narrow and installed this way can give your space a more updated and modern look while still offering maximum privacy.

2. Sprucing up the chain link fence

A chain link fence is very affordable, but it too may lack privacy and style. Opt for the tightest weave of links for maximum privacy; this will mean the holes between the links are smaller so the fence is more solid. A good way to improve the look of this material is to add a vinyl coating over the chain links; a crisp white color can make the fence look very clean, or a rusty red can coordinate with a brick home. You might also break up the materials by adding thick wooden columns to the top of the fence or as side posts, rather than drab aluminum pipes.

3. Other materials

A metal fence can give you maximum privacy but may make your home seem like a compound; to fix this, add colored glass inserts that still block the view but which let in light. For a glass fence around your pool, have it frosted around the center and all the way to the bottom of the panes in order to block the view of neighbors. If you must have a wrought iron fence with iron bars because you like the style, add dense shrubbery that grows thick and tall and offers privacy for your yard. 

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