Reasons To Install A Glass Fence For Your Pool

If you're trying to decide what type of fencing supplies to use around your newly-built pool, you have several options. Many people opt for a vinyl fence or a wood fence, but glass fences are becoming increasingly popular because they can offer you several advantages. To help you decide if glass fencing is right for you, here are some of the reasons to build this type of fence.

It's Easy To Maintain -- Glass pool fences are easier to maintain than a wood fence, because you don't have to worry about termites, fading, yellowing, chipping, flaking and moisture retention. Wood fences may also require new paint and finish in a few years, and you may even have to stain the wood if the grain is becoming worn down. But with a glass pool fence, you just have to wipe down the glass with an ammonia-free cleaner to prevent streaks and scratches. However, you will need to check the glass to ensure that there are no small cracks, chips or bubbles, so that you can fill them with resin to prevent them from getting larger.

It Can Make Your Yard Look Bigger -- Because glass fences are fully transparent, they create the illusion that your backyard is larger than it is because your eye isn't obstructed by anything solid, which broadens your field of vision. Glass pool fences are available frameless or semi-frameless, and your choice is dependent on budget and aesthetic considerations. Frameless glass pool fences lack any tracks and are bolted into the ground. Because they lack a frame, they are more visually appealing than semi-frameless glass pool fences, which have a bottom frame. Frameless glass pool fences are more expensive than semi-frameless fences, but both styles of fencing are made with tempered glass, so they are durable and sturdy.

It Can Increase Pool Safety -- Because glass pool fences are transparent, you can always see what's happening in the water without any obstruction. If you are lying down poolside with a standard wood fence, you may not have the same kind of clear view of the water as with a glass pool fence. Another safety benefit of a glass pool fence is that there are far less components, so it's much more difficult for a child to climb the locked fence and access the pool. A frameless glass pool fence has no components at all except for the glass itself and the handle that opens the fence, so it is one of the safest types of pool fences in terms of deterring children from attempting to climb over it, because there are no footholds.