What Should You Do If Your Property Is Surrounded By Your Neighbor's Fence?

The outdoor space within a property is an extension of the home; therefore, it is critical for the exterior design to harmonize with the interior style. This applies to the garage, patio, landscaping features, pool and even the fence. However, having an exterior space that reflects your personal style can prove difficult if your neighbor's fence surrounds your property. This is true especially when the fencing design, color and other elements clash with the exterior style of your home.

Here you will learn some of the measures that you can take to ensure that your neighbor's fence doesn't affect the appearance of your outdoor space.

Talk to your neighbor

Since your neighbor won't see the side of the fence that faces your property, you can ask to be allowed to repaint that side so that the colors blend with or complement your exterior features. This option is cheap and efficient as you don't have to get your own fence. However, it is only practical for wood fences as the material can be painted. If your neighbor has a metal fence, you may not be able to apply this strategy.

Plant a hedgerow on your property

What if your neighbor has an aluminum fence or simply doesn't want you to repaint it? You can prevent their fence from clashing with your style by planting a hedgerow or other shrubbery and vines around your yard. Planting a hedgerow will not only give your property a natural look, but it will also hide your neighbor's fences and give you some privacy. You can also plant trees along or near your property line, and you will achieve a decent level of privacy while preserving the exterior style in the home.

Work with your neighbor's fencing design

If you are redesigning the landscaping and exterior features in your home, you can work with your neighbor's fencing style so that it doesn't compromise the appearance of the outdoor space. For example, you can incorporate the color scheme that they have chosen for the fence into your patio design. However, before doing this, it is important to talk to your neighbor and establish whether they intend to change the fence style and colors. If they do, the new design may not harmonize with your home's exterior. However, you can work together on the new fence to find a solution that works for both of you.

If none of these options is viable, you can choose to install your fence next to your neighbor's. This way, you get an opportunity to choose a style, color, and design that will unify the exterior features in your property. Contact a fencing contractor to learn more.