Aluminium Fence: Your Ideal Fencing Solution When Getting a Dog

Fences are great for improving the curb appeal of a property and enhancing privacy and security. However, when adopting a dog, choosing fencing material goes beyond appearance. You need to install one that will keep the pet on the property and protect it from wandering or getting run over on the street. Dogs can jump over short picket fences or dig holes beneath wooden ones. That is why you need a sturdy material that will restrain your dog from wandering. Here are three reasons why aluminium makes the perfect fencing material for your home when adopting a dog.

Prevents Escapes

If your dog is unable to jump over the fence, it will most likely try to escape by digging a hole underneath it. Before installing the fence, you can ask the contractor to dig deeper than the standard depth to prevent the dog from escaping from underneath. Also, you can have the rails installed closely together to derail the dog from using the spaces between them to wander out of the property. Discussing your fence installation needs with the contractor will give you the much-needed peace of mind.

Maintains Curb Appeal

Dogs have claws which can scratch at your fence, peel away the paint, and ruin its appearance. If you have a stained or painted wooden fence, you may have to repaint it regularly to maintain curb appeal. However, with an aluminium fence, you don't have to worry about this. The material can be coated with quality powder coatings which are resilient to impact and scratches. The coating bonds to the metal and creates a protective barrier. This will preserve the appearance of the fence even if you bring more pets in the home.

Protects Against Staining and Corrosion

When your dog is in the yard, you cannot control what it does. It may get messy and dump dirt onto the fence or even urinate on it. If you have low-quality material, it will stain, smell, or rot after exposure to dirt and pet urine. However, aluminium is a sturdy material that does not stain. You can wipe it down with water and a clean cloth to restore its appearance. Also, aluminium does not corrode easily. Even in the most inclement weather, the material will maintain its structural integrity for decades.

An aluminium fence makes an ideal choice if you have a pet. It will not only prevent the dog from wandering, but it will also remain beautiful and stable for years. Contact a professional fencing contractor to discuss your fencing needs.