Two situations in which you have a fence contractor install chain mesh fencing on your property

There are several specific situations in which you should consider having a fence contractor install chain mesh fencing around your property. Continue reading to find out more about these situations.

You keep horses or cows on your property

If you keep horses or cows in your fields, then it would definitely be wise to have a contractor replace the existing fencing in this area with some chain mesh fencing.

Both horses and cows are large, powerful animals, who can quite easily break through standard timber fences. As such, if you currently have wooden fences around the fields in which your animals graze, there is a risk that they could escape and either be injured by passing vehicles or end up trampling on nearby pedestrians and leaving these individuals with several injuries.

Additionally, if you have either wooden or metal fencing with standard panels, there is also a chance that your horses or cows may get their hooves trapped in the gaps between these panels. If they panic and try to pull their trapped hooves out too forcefully, they could end up with a broken leg.

Chain mesh fencing is the perfect solution for this type of situation, as it cannot be broken by your animals anywhere near as easily as a wooden fence could. Furthermore, because the gaps between the mesh are so small, there is almost no risk of your horses or cows getting their hooves stuck in them.

You have seen people trespassing on or vandalising your property

If you have noticed people trespassing on or vandalising your property and would like to prevent incidents of this kind from happening again in the future, it is definitely worth having a fence contractor install a tall chain mesh fence around the borders of your property.

As mentioned above, the holes in a chain mesh fence are very small. This means that it is exceptionally difficult for people who attempt to scale it to gain a sturdy foothold that will enable them to make their way over the fence and onto your property.

The only way that a person might be able to gain entry to your property via this fence is if they happen to be carrying a pair of strong wire cutters with them that they could then use to cut the mesh. Fortunately, most opportunistic trespassers and vandals do not carry tools of this kind on their person.