Understanding Commercial Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is popular because it is versatile, durable, simple and can be used for almost all your fencing needs at an affordable cost. They can be used for swimming pools, outdoor game courts, buildings, construction sites, equipment lots, undeveloped land, etc. Chain link fences comprise a wire mesh attached to a framework. The framework is made up of terminal posts driven into the ground or cemented, a top rail post to attach the top side of the wire mesh and line posts.

Different Types of Chain Link Fences

The various types of chain link fences differ from each other in terms of the material used and colour/coating. You may come across aluminised, galvanised and vinyl-coated/spectra/permafused II chain link fences.

Aluminised chain link fences have a steel core but are coated with aluminium. Aluminium is said to have self-healing properties. It is corrosion and rust-resistant.

Galvanised chain link fences also have a steel core but are coated with zinc to provide versatile and durable properties. It is also considered an economical way to prevent rust and corrosion.

Vinyl-coated chain link fences might also be referred to as spectra or permafused II. The coating is applied on galvanised fences to mainly protect against harmful UV rays. Permafused II coating is more expensive than spectra because it is thicker.


Vinyl-coated chain link fences can have colour; the common colours are brown, green or black. If you want a different colour you can always request it from the chain link fence company.

Choosing Chain Link Fences

The first thing you need to consider is where you want to use the fence and the environmental conditions it will be exposed to. This helps you choose the correct type of coating.

Secondly, determine the height and gauge. There is usually a standard height, but if you want higher, you can get a customised fence. Gauge refers to the thickness of the wire, where a lower number represents a thicker wire. Choose thicker wires and a barbed selvage type for insecure environments. Selvage is the top or bottom finish design of the chain link fence.

Thirdly, you can consider the colour, which is entirely up to your preference.

Do not compromise on any security features. Chain link fences are cheap and there is no need to cancel out some features to reduce the price.

Don't forget to ask about the installation fee and whether the chain link fence comes with a warranty.