Measures You Can Take to Enhance the Safety of Your Automatic Gates

Although previously identified as fundamental structures for commercial premises, more homeowners are discovering the numerous benefits that make automatic gates just as ideally suited to their properties too. Not only can these gates be customised to elevate the architectural aesthetic of your property but also they are a great deterrent when it comes to keeping kids or pets from wandering out to the street. These gates will also elevate the overall security of your residence.

Nonetheless, despite how secure automatic gates are, some homeowners may be sceptical about safety due to how they operate automatically. If this is a concern that you have, here are measures that you can take to enhance the safety of your automatic gates.

1. Invest in extra photocells

All automatic gates are outfitted with photocells at each side. These photocells emit an infrared beam that functions to signal the control panel that there are no obstacles in the way. Therefore, when the photocells can create a straight infrared line, the automatic gates will lower as needed. The moment this infrared line is disrupted, the gates stop in their tracks as the control panel is alerted to the presence of a hindrance. Hence, there's a reduced risk of injury. Moreover, if your car has not cleared away from the gates, obstructs the infrared line and subsequently, the automatic gates will not damage your vehicle. If you are concerned about the positioning of the photocells, you can have your fencing contractor install additional pairs at different points to ensure maximum protection.

2. Engage in annual force testing

When your automatic gates are installed, the fencing contractors will carry out an initial risk assessment to confirm the structural integrity of these gates. The risk assessment is also critical in making sure everything meets safety guidelines. Force testing is one of the critical tests required to establish the sturdiness and strength of your automatic gates. To perform this test, the fencing contractor will employ specialised equipment on various points to determine how resistant the gates are to impact. You can make a point of having this test performed annually for your peace of mind.

3. Installation of safety edges

Most automatic gates have sharp edges at the top and bottom of each side. These sharp points can easily trap any obstacles in their way and end up crushing them. The sharp edges could also cause damage to your vehicle by scratching the bodywork if you are not paying attention to them. Although the automatic gates will retract when they come into physical contact with objects against their sides, the damage may already be done. To avoid this risk, it is recommended to have your fencing contractor install safety edges on all of these points.