3 Unique Benefits of an Automated Sliding Gate

While gates come in all manner of designs, they fall into two main categories: manual and automated. Therefore, if you are thinking about installing a gate in your new home, look no further than sliding automated gates. They are a special kind of automated gate growing in popularity among modern homeowners. This article highlights the unique benefits of sliding automatic gates.

Kerb Appeal -- When installing a gate, some homeowners tend to focus on functionality and forget about aesthetics. However, it is the wrong approach if you want to compliment the look of your home. Besides, a conventional gate will do your property no justice. An automated sliding gate is an excellent addition to your home, especially if your house is close to a street. A sliding gate can significantly transform the outlook of your home, raising its kerb appeal. Furthermore, the value of a property with an automated sliding gate is higher than a house with swivelling gates. Therefore automatic sliding gates are beneficial if you plan to sell your home in the future.

Reduced Home Insurance Premiums -- Nobody likes to think about the possibility of their home being burglarized and their prized possessions stolen. Unfortunately, it can happen to any home, and it pays to plan for such an eventuality. Insuring your property against theft and burglary is arguably the best way to safeguard your valuables. However, the amount you pay for premiums largely depends on the security features in your home. If an insurance company deems that your gate makes your home vulnerable to burglary during an inspection, your premiums will be high. Conversely, insurance companies understand the increased security that automatic sliding gates offer; consequently, they demand lower premiums.

Convenient for Small Spaces -- Australian lots are becoming smaller, which calls for effective use of space. Unfortunately, swivel gates are not the best choice for small spaces because they need ample room to swing. Even if you squeeze a small swivel gate in a small lot, you risk damaging it over time. Automatic sliding gates eliminate this problem because they can fit in any space regardless of size. The reason is that the sliding section occupies a small footprint since it only moves back and forth along a straight line. Moreover, an automated sliding gate's unique opening and closing actions allow you to drive as close to a driveway as possible. However, it is not the same with a swivel gate where you have to leave room for the swinging action.

Seek out a company that specializes in commercial or residential gate automation to learn more.