5 Reasons Chain Link Fences Are Better Than Wooden Fences for Coastal Homes

Living on the coast offers many benefits such as access to the beach and stunning views. When choosing a fence for your coastal property, wood is generally a poor option. Chain link fencing, by comparison, is a much better option because chain link fencing works well with coastal conditions. Chain link fencing is superior to wood for coastal homes for various reasons.

1. Chain link fencing stands up to moist climates better than wood

By the coast, the moisture-laden air can cause a wooden fence to rot much faster than normal. Add to this the effect that salt air has on wood, and you can see that wood isn't a great option for coastal homes.

On the other hand, chain link fencing has either a protective vinyl coating or a powder coating to protect it from moisture and salt air. This means a chain link fence will last longer than a wooden fence will. Chain link fencing will also retain its appearance longer.

2. Termites won't attack a chain link fence

If a wooden fence rots due to moisture, termites could take an interest because they prefer to feed on moist wood. Chain link fencing is termite-proof so termites will never be a problem.

3. Chain link fencing requires less maintenance than wood

If you choose a wooden fence for your coastal home, you'll need to regularly re-stain and re-seal that fence because of the moisture and salt in the air. Chain link fences can last a long time without maintenance, even on a coastal property.

4. Chain link fencing won't block the view

Wooden fencing tends to block some or all of the view. And when you live on the coast, you want to conserve your views as much as you can while still retaining a good level of security and privacy. A chain link fence won't block your view of the surrounding area. And chain link fencing provides security for your home. You also have the option of adding slats to certain areas of your chain link fence if you choose to do so.

5. Chain link fencing is easier to install

You may want to have as little disruption to your lifestyle as possible when living by the coast. A chain link fence is easier and thus faster to install, even if you choose to install that fence yourself.

If you live on the coast, a chain link fence may be a better option for your home than a wooden fence. With a chain link fence, you can feel secure while conserving your views and spending less time on maintenance and repair work. Reach out to a professional to get chain link fencing