Advantages of Chain-Link Fences

When installing a fence on a home property, you'll be confronted with a diverse array of options. Here are several reasons to opt for reliable chain-link fencing.


Chain-link fences are adaptable structures, so you can use them in various ways in a yard. You could enclose your front garden. But you can also use them for other purposes. For example, why not enclose an outdoor air conditioning unit and prevent pets from gaining access to it? Or you might want to construct a dog run to keep your pets in one area. If you have a tennis court in the yard, a chain-link fence will keep the balls in the court area.

These fences are built with posts secured into concrete in the ground. The rails are then attached, and the webbing is stretched between the posts. The mesh rolls come in varying heights from fencing supplies, as do the poles, so they're are easy to construct in different proportions.


Once you install a chain-link fence, you won't have to spend much time looking after it. These barriers typically use galvanised steel covered in zinc to help stop them from rusting. Metal is well suited to the outdoors as it doesn't suffer like wood, which tends to rot or warp. Termites can also make timber fences their home.

You won't need to regularly refinish a chain-link fence, especially if you install mesh that's wrapped in protective PVC. Simply inspect the wall every now and then, looking for any broken links, rust, or other damage. Check that the gates sit at right angles to the posts and swing smoothly. You could spray the fence with a garden hose or high-pressure washer to lift accumulated dirt once a year.

Openness and Privacy

One of the benefits of a chain-link fence is its open mesh design. The webbing doesn't stop the sunshine from nourishing your plants or create a claustrophobic feel around a tennis court. If you build a dog run, you can watch your pets and check their well-being.

Sometimes, though, you may want privacy. Chain-link fences are adaptable in this respect, as you can purchase slats to weave through the mesh. The slats come in various colours. You can create privacy in specific sections where you want shade or block the street view.

Aesthetic Options

Chain-link fences can have a utilitarian appearance, especially when constructed in silver. But you have other options. For example, you could use timber posts and railings instead of metal ones. The wire mesh can be connected to the wood framework, giving the structure a rustic look. You could stain or paint the timber components.

Contact a local fence contractor to find out what fencing supplies you need to install a chain-link fence.