Reasons to Choose a Colorbond Front Fence

Colorbond fences create versatile structures that you can use around the perimeter of your property, including the front garden. If you're stuck trying to decide which front fence would suit your property, here are some reasons to go with a colorbond wall.


You can build a colorbond fence, and it will take care of itself. The treated metal is well suited to outdoor conditions. After the steel base sheets are treated with a metallic anti-corrosion layer, they're covered with baked-on coats of primer and paint. Thus, these fences tend to last for decades without much upkeep. If they get dirty, they can be sprayed with a garden hose. The powder-coated paint layer doesn't chip or flake, so the fence won't require refinishing every few years, as some materials do.


Colorbond fences offer excellent security. They're generally tall and without footholds, making them difficult to climb. Additionally, the steel sheets are tough, and the fence structure is not easy to break through. You can secure the perimeter of your yard with a matching lockable gate as well.

Design Choices

Colorbond fences offer endless design options. You can pick between different corrugation styles. Some are angular and square, giving them a modern look, while others are rounded with a wave-like profile. You can experiment with the colours as well to tie them in with your house's external walls and those of your neighbour's house. From the perspective of your backyard, you may see your fence juxtaposed against their house, after all.

You can mix and match elements to create your own design. For the main middle part of the fence, for example, use dark grey steel sheets with the corrugations facing vertically. These could be mounted on a low base of horizontal panels. Latticed segments along the top edge could finish the installation.

A colorbond fence can also be built to order. Why not attach the panels to beautiful stained hardwood posts to add a nice contrast to the fence? You could use classic orb-shaped sheets for the fence panels but run the corrugations horizontally.


Because colorbond fencing is continuous, it creates privacy in your front yard. Thus, you can enjoy the space as an outdoor living area, just like a backyard. In this way, a privacy fence allows you to expand the usable areas of the property. A colorbond private front garden may be the ideal solution if your backyard is overlooked by tall buildings. Another advantage of a privacy fence is that you can open your curtains and blinds without worrying about the general public peering in the windows.

For more information on colorbond fencing, contact a professional near you.