Designing Glass Balustrades That Are Easy to Clean: Five Ideas to Consider

Glass balustrades lend an air of class and elegance to your hotel or business, but unfortunately, they can be hard to clean. You can devote hours to having professional glass cleaners or employees shine your glass balustrades, or you can make the process easier by investing in balustrades that are easier to clean or modifying your existing balustrades. Check out these five ideas: 1. Acid Etched Logos and Designs Completely clear glass balustrades can be challenging to clean, as their glass may be prone to unsightly streaks or watermarks.

What commercial fence does my business need?

Commercial fences range far and wide and you need to know a lot more details than just the kinds available to pick out the best fence for your business. These fences are designed to deal with various situations differently, so here are some of the most popular designs and the best cases to use them. Wood fencing This is one of the most versatile materials for a fence. It brings with it an amazing traditional appeal and boosts the aesthetic value of your business.